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Product News: Olympus Introduces New AU480 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Olympus Life Science Europa is pleased to announce the preview of the AU480 clinical chemistry analyser. Building on the success of its predecessor, the AU400 which has sold 4000 units globally, the new AU480 minimises sample volume requirements and features new intuitive GUI and master curve calibration. It also maintains the Olympus reputation for precision, reliability and low maintenance with superior spot photometer technology and long-life ISE electrodes.

The AU480 is the ideal main analyser for small to medium-sized laboratories due to its throughput of up to 800 tests per hour with ISE and is simultaneously programmable for 63 different analytes. It can also be used as a special chemistry or STAT analyser in large laboratories. The new intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), standardised to the AU680, and touch screen monitor make the AU480 extremely user friendly. User definable software options, such as auto rerun via rack handler and true reflex testing, further expand user convenience.

Minimal sample volumes have been achieved on the AU480, where high precision micro-sampling as low as 1 µl makes the new system ideal for paediatric testing. Computer controlled sample and reagent dispensing, in combination with clot detection and crash prevention, are additional safety features of the AU480, resulting in unique system reliability.

More than 120 different Olympus System Reagent (OSR) applications are available for the AU480, specially designed to match the requirements and features of the new analyser platform for optimum performance. Additionally, all reagents are barcoded with master curve calibration established for some parameters via 2D barcodes to maximise productivity in the laboratory.

The new analyser is able to hold up to 80 primary and secondary tubes in parallel. Different tube sizes may be mixed within the linear racks and can be loaded continuously. Serum indices (hemolysis, icterus, lipemia) are also automatically checked.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to introduce our new highly user friendly AU480, which builds on the AU400’s reputation for precision and reliability,” said Kerri Breasley, Olympus Commerical Marketing Manager Clinical Chemistry. “Also incorporating our AU680’s award winning design features, including its intuitive GUI and plug and play calibration, the AU480 maximises output and minimises downtime

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