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AU2700 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

by Olympus Diagnostics

Designed for the high volume laboratory

Consolidated platform with
proven technology and compatible standardization.

This powerful performer offers you the broadest 122-test menu in the market today, including Emit® brand applications, and the benefits from a standardized family.


Convenient liquid, bar-coded
OSR bar-coded
reagents come ready-to-use and
provide automatic on-board
inventory management, random
placement, automatic bottle
changeover and automatic calibration and QC.

Increased walkaway with
greater productivity.

The highly automated 300
sample loading capacity and
continuous feed mean less
interruptions. Hands-on time is
eliminated with automated
repeat testing, reflex testing, and
automated sample pre-dilution.
System features include clot
detection and probe crash

Simplified operation and
training with Windows NT

Just click on the start icon for routine sample analysis – the userfriendly Windows NT platform is easy. There’s on-line software for CLIA, NCCLS, and CAP
compliance, along with HELP
functions to move you to the
relevant topic in the on-line
Operator’s Manual. A modem
link also keeps you in touch with
Olympus experts.

The Olympus AU2700 provides proven technology for the demanding environment of the high volume laboratory. Designed to meet your needs as a primary analyzer with a broad 122-test menu, the AU2700
features rapid STAT turnaround, true random access testing, and pediatric sampling.


This high speed analyzer can process general, urine, CSF and STAT
chemistries, serum proteins, thyroid assays, therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse. Compatible standardization between Olympus models include identical userinterfaces, standardized results and reference ranges and the same reagents, consumables and parts for the lowest cost per reportable in the healthcare market today. The AU2700 provides flexible cost-effective solutions for busy laboratories.

The General Characteristics

Test Menu Selection: 125 On-board Parameters: 99 Maximum Tests/Hour 2133 (photometric + ISE) 1600 (photometric only)

Analytical System: Fully selective discrete analytical

Methods: Endpoint Endpoint with self blanking Endpoint with sample blanking Kinetic rate Fixed rate ISE Sample Processing Selection: Single, multiple, or profile Sample Volume: 1 - 25 µL [0.1 µL increments] Sample Type: Serum, plasma, urine, CSF

Sample Tray Capacity: 300 samples by rack 22 samples by carousel

Sample Container: 12 x 75 - 16 x 100 mm tubes 5, 7, 10 mL primary collection tubes

Sample Transport: 10 position bar-coded rack

STAT Compartment: 22 user-definable for STAT, QC, cal, routines enclosed and refrigerated module

Sample Quality Analysis: Lipemia, Hemolysis, Icterus Clot detection Probe crash prevention

Sample Identification: Bar code reader [Maximum 22 Digits; 95 mm]

Sample Bar Code Formats: As mixed bar codes: NW7 Code 39 Code128 2 of 5 interleaved 2 of 5 standard Alone: ISBT code 128

Reagent Identification: Bar code reader Reagent Configuration: Concentrated and full strength

Reagent Volume: R1 and R2: 15 - 250 µL [1 µL increments] Reagent Delivery: One or two reagent pipetter dispensing Reagent probe crash prevention Reagent Storage: 4 - 12° C

Reagent Bottle Capacity: 15, 30, 60, 120 mL Reagent Storage Capacity: R1 = 48, R2 = 48 Reaction Mixture: Minimum = 120 µL Maximum = 430 µL

Reaction Temperature: 37° C

Reaction Incubation Method: Dry Bath Reaction Cell: 6 x 8 x 30 mm nondisposable glass cuvette Reaction Time: 8 min. + 20 sec. (maximum)

Repeat Run: Automatic repeat run Increase or decrease sample volume

Reflex Testing: User defined

Sample Predilution: Dilution ratio 5 - 100 by one-fold increments

ISE Module Analytical System: Flow cell block with ISE

Analytical Tests: Sodium [Na+], Potassium [K+], Chloride [Cl-] Sample Throughput: 267 samples/hour Maximum Test/Hr: 800, if ISE mode only

Sample Type: Serum, plasma, urine [undiluted]

Sample Volume: 20 µL Final

Dilution Ratio: 1:31.5

Measuring Range: Serum and plasma: Sodium 50 - 200 mEq/L Potassium 1.0 - 10.0 mEq/L Chloride 50 - 200 mEq/L Urine: Sodium 10 - 400 mEq/L Potassium 2.0 - 200 mEq/L Chloride 15 - 400 mEq/L

Electrode Composition: Sodium Crown-ether membrane Potassium Crown-ether membrane Chloride Molecular oriented solid membrane Reference Liquid on liquid membrane

Optical Characteristics Photometer: Multi-wavelength diffraction grating spectrophotometer

Light Source: Tungsten-halogen lamp; life 2000 hours

Photometric Modes: Monochromatic or bichromatic

Wavelengths: 340, 380, 410, 450, 480, 520, 540, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750 and 800 nm Light Path: 6 mm Photodetector: Silicon photodiode array Photometric Range: 0.000 to 2.5000

Photometric Sensitivity: 0.0001 OD

Data Processor Interface: Standard RS232C; bidirectional Real time and batch processing Program Storage: 6.4 GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive Patient Storage: Results from up to 60,000 samples Data Input: Alphanumeric keyboard, mouse, or interface Display: 17 in. monitor Printer: Dot matrix Software: Windows® Graphic user interface System status screens User defined operating menu Maintenance training videos Operator manual with links, search Advanced calibration QC trending Auto-QC Daily test statistics User-defined calculated tests Sample and test oriented data editing Multi-level password protection Reaction curve monitor Olympus SUPPORTVISION™ Olympus AU2700® Chemistry-Immuno Analyzer Electrical Requirements Electrical Consumption: 6 KVA [maximum] Current [Circuit Breaker Required]: 30 Amp [standard] 50 Amp with UPS Circuit: Dedicated and noise free Voltage: 208/220 VAC [±10%] single phase Frequency: 60 [±1 Hz] Ground Requirements: Resistance < 100 ohms Location: Power cable length 30 ft. Environmental Requirements Average Heat Output: 10,500 BTU Ambient Temperature: 18 - 32 ± 2° C during measurement Ambient Humidity: 40 - 80% relative humidity Peak Water Consumption: 65 L/hour Water Type: Deionized CAP Type II, bacteria free Supply: Continuous flow Resistivity: > 0.5 Megaohm Pressure: 7 - 57 PSI Control: Shut off valve within 30 ft. AU2700SPECREVB 06.08-5M Drain Requirements Non-hazardous Waste: Built-in waste pump Drain required, Maximum height - 4 ft Dimensions Width: 79 in. Depth: 45 in. Height: 50 in. Weight: 1,540 lbs

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