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About Us


Atlantic Lab Services

We specialize in chemistry analyzer repair, service, refurbishment and laboratory reagents

and consumables. Atlantic Lab Services (ALS) offers service programs for Olympus and Beckman Coulter Chemistry analyzers.


ALS has been providing

  • Service and maintenance agreement for Olympus / Beckman Coulter Chemistry analyzer.

  • Analyzer troubleshooting, repair and installation.

  • Laboratory Reagents and Consumables.

  • Parts for all of our analyzers.

  • New and refurbished analyzers.


Atlantic Lab Services helps your laboratory to reduce the operation costs through cost effective service contract.


Our clinical service engineers have years of experience working directly for chemistry analyzer manufacturers such as Beckman Coulter, Olympus and others before joining ALS.


We know our customer's equipments' service needs and provide them with fast and high quality services.


Atlantic Lab Services'  Mission

Our main goal is to provide our customers with better prices, better efficiency, increased accuracy, saving time, preventative maintenance, and repair. Laboratory equipment is a major investment and one that is important to your labs.

We believe  preventive maintenance and repair procedures also help to keep devices operating at their peak levels, as continual use often causes equipment to lose their durability and functionality over time.


We are here to be your Olympus and Beckman Coulter chemistry analyzers service providers. 


Service Packages

Full Service Agreement: Includes unlimited emergency repair, two preventive maintenance (PM) per year, replacement parts(except consumable parts), labor and travel, call service support.


PM Service Agreement:  An economical choice, which includes two scheduled  preventive maintenances, PM parts (except consumable parts), labor and travel, call service support.


Emergency Repair: Special rate for emergency service labor and parts.


Installation and Moving: ALS specialize in servicing Beckman Coulter and Olympus chemistry analyzers installation and moving.

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