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AU640 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

by Olympus Diagnostics

Designed for the medium to high volume laboratories

Perfecting its standardized family, Olympus Diagnostic Systems Division introduces its AU640 chemistry immuno system, which is designed for the demanding environments of mid- to large-sized hospitals. This high speed automated analyzer streamlines diverse chemistry-immuno testing to provide the greatest walkaway, while processing up to 1,200 tests per hour. The new AU640 not only incorporates the proven technology of the Olympus AU600, but also includes the latest advances of its new AU400 to increase ease of use and provide more powerful performance. .


Routine sample analysis is easy with the AU640. Supplied with a Windows NT platform, the AU640 is completely user friendly. Routine testing is as simple as a click on the start icon with bar-coded samples. Operator training and system maintenance are simplified with the on-line operator's manual and context-sensitive HELP functions. A modem link to Olympus experts is included. CLIA, NCCLS, CAP compliance is supported by software documentation QC features.

The Olympus consolidated platform features a 118-test menu that also is standardized on its AU400,™ AU600,™ AU640, ™and AU2700™* analyzers. Hospitals now have increased flexibility to use the AU640 as a primary analyzer for rapid response or as a dedicated specialty unit. It can be linked to another AU400 or AU600 for even greater automation.


The AU640's test menu is completely user definable. It features over 118 methods that include general chemistries, ISEs, special chemistries, and the Syva Company Emit® TDMs, DATs, and thyroids. Barcoded liquid ready-to-use Olympus reagents provide automated on-board management of inventory and calibration and quality control.


The Olympus AU640 shares the consolidated workstation standardization of the Olympus family to provide the lowest cost per reportables in the health care market today. It uses the same methodologies across the family product lines to provide standardized results as well as common reagents, consumables and parts.

Featuring true random access testing and true STAT interrupt, the Olympus AU640 is especially suited for the hospital laboratory and its varied workload requirements. The analyzer processes a basic metabolic panel of seven tests in less than four minutes and successive panels every 45 seconds. Through its 150 sample loading capacity and continuous feed, it offers incredible walkaway and higher productivity. Manual steps are minimized through automated repeat testing, reflex testing, and automated pre-dilution for urines. As an added margin of safety, the AU640 also incorporates probe crash prevention design along with clot detection.

The innovative Olympus AU 640 system platform technology perfectly matched to the state of the art reagents


One system for STAT and routine testing

Liquid stable ready to use system reagents

You may run samples in rerun or reflex mode - its your choice

Modem control for support and troubleshooting

Probe crash prevention and clot detection

Unique high quality photometer design

Sample predilution for minimum hands on and maximum quality


Auto calibration - “on the fly”

User definable SW Interface under Windows NT ™

6 hundred, yes sixhundred tests per hour ISE capability

4 minutes STAT capability in parallel to a throughput of up to 1,200 tests per hour

0 (zero) electromagnetic interference for 100% consistent results 24 hours per day


AU 640 Specifications

Analytical system Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous immunoassays

Analytical methods Clinical chemistry and immunological parameters. End point, kinetic assays, fixed-time-kinetics, optionally ISE

Simultaneously processed analytes 48 photometric tests, 51 with ISE

Throughput 800 photometric tests/hour; maximum of 1,200 with ISE

Sample feeder Racks with 10 samples each (bar codes on primary tubes and on racks); capacity of 150 samples; continuous loading

Sample tubes In primary and secondary tubes; diameter between 11.5 and 16.5 mm; height between 55 and 102 mm

STAT samples Up to 22 positions for STAT samples, bar coded primary tubes

Sample volume 2 – 50 µl in 1 µl steps (1 – 50 µl for repeats)

Reagent supply 48 positions for R1 and R2; refrigerated (4 °C – 12 °C)

Reagent volume 1. reagent: 25 – 300 µl; 2. reagent: 25 – 300 µl; (in 1 µl steps)

Total reaction volume 150 – 550 µl

Reaction cuvette Quartz cuvettes

Reaction time Up to 8 minutes, 40 seconds

Reaction temperature 37 °C

Mixing method With rotating paddles after dispensing sample and reagent

Photometry system Direct assay through the reaction cuvette (0 – 2.5 OD) mono, bichromatic measurements possible

Wavelength 13 different wavelengths between 340 – 800 nm

Cuvette cleaning Comprehensive cleaning with detergents

Calibration Auto calibration, cooled calibrator positions

Quality control Auto QC, cooled QC positions

Test requisition Individual and profile test requisition via on line, mouse, functions keys or touch screen

Safety Clot detection and crash prevention for sample and reagent dispenser

On-line Full uni- and bidirectional communication possible

Software Windows-NT

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm ANL 1,850 x 1,210 x 800; DPR 700 x 1,430 x 700

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