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New Olympus Liquid Stable CK (NAC) Reagent with Extended Linearity and On-board Stability

Melville, NY (April 23, 2001) - The Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. has introduced its new Creatine Kinase (NAC) reagent, now available in small and large kit sizes. This new reagent is a ready-to-use liquid formulation with extended linearity to 2000 U/L and a 30-day on-board stability for Olympus's full-line of automated chemistry-immuno analyzers, including the AU400TM, AU600TM, AU640TM and AU1000TM, as well as the new AU2700TMsystem.

An economical solution for any sized laboratory, the new Olympus CK (NAC) reagent is bar-coded and packaged in two kit sizes - large with 320 to 490 tests per cartridge and small with 150 to 230 tests per cartridge - providing greater operator convenience and enabling automated on-board reagent management.

The Diagnostic Systems Group, a business group of Olympus America Inc., provides clinical chemistry solutions to hospital, commercial and pharmaceutical diagnostics laboratories. Over one billion - about one in four - clinical chemistry tests are performed on Olympus analyzers in the U.S. annually.

For additional information on the new Olympus CK (NAC) reagent and/or the full line of Olympus chemistry-immuno systems and reagents,

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