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Olympus Unveils OLA4000TM Workcell Laboratory Automation System

Melville, NY - Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group debuted the new OLA4000TMlaboratory automation system during the AACC annual meeting in Chicago. The OLA4000 is an innovative new workcell laboratory automation solution designed for medium and high volume hospitals and commercial reference laboratories.

The OLA4000 fully automates the labor-intensive tasks associated with specimen processing within the chemistry-immuno work area. It streamlines workflow and reduces costs associated with sample processing by automating sample identification, centrifugation, decapping, and output sorting of specimen tubes. It also integrates two Olympus AU analyzers for automated rack loading and unloading along with centralized data processing.

Utilizing high-speed robotics and state-of-the-art Windows NT® operating software, OLA4000 can process up to 400 samples per hour, greatly reducing sample processing and test turnaround time while increasing laboratory capacity. Sample tracking capabilities allow for quick identification of specimens while reducing biohazard and blood-borne pathogen contact by lab personnel. OLA4000 can process a wide variety of sample tubes and specimen closure containers utilizing the most commonly used bar code formats.

The flexible, modular design of the OLA4000 allows it to be fully integrated with any combination of two Olympus AU640TM and AU2700TM chemistry-immuno systems. The workcell solution integrates the analyzers into a single user interface for the entire sample testing process. In combination with clinical chemistry and immunoassay systems, the OLA4000 forms a unique workcell with standardized results and reference ranges. Olympus AU chemistry-immuno systems use the same reagents, consumables and parts for the most cost-effective operation in the healthcare market today.

Olympus packages a variety of solutions for financial services, information technology and lab automation. As part of its acquisition plan solutions, Olympus offers unique cost management programs based on a laboratory's monthly test volume to help customers optimize their operations.

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