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Olympus AU2700TM Chemistry-Immuno Analyzer Key To Lab Productivity, Efficiency

Melville, NY - Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group has raised the bar on cost-effective lab automation with the successful introduction of the new AU2700TMchemistry-immuno analyzer. Designed to meet the needs of high volume labs, the Olympus AU2700 consolidates a broad menu of chemistry-immuno tests allowing for the reduction of laboratory workstations, while processing up to 2,133 tests per hour, giving lab personnel more time to cover other vital lab functions.

The Olympus AU2700 combines the proven technology of the Olympus AU400TM and AU640TMsystems with the newest Olympus advances to increase efficiency and provide higher throughput performance. The system has the flexibility to meet the needs of the core laboratory as a high volume primary analyzer with rapid response. Featuring true random access testing, pediatric sampling and immediate STAT processing, the AU2700 is especially suited for the hospital laboratory and its varied workload. The analyzer can perform a STAT basic metabolic panel of eight tests in less than five minutes.

Increased walk away productivity is a major benefit of the Olympus AU2700. It has a 300-sample loading capacity and continuous sample rack feed. Hands-on time is eliminated with automated repeat testing, reflex testing, sample pre-dilution, auto-QC, and auto-calibration. The AU2700 also incorporates several safety features, such as probe crash prevention and sample clot detection, not currently available on other high-volume analyzers.

One of the primary advantages of the Olympus chemistry-immuno systems is the standardization integrated throughout the AU series. The systems have a broad 122-test menu featuring general and special chemistries, urine methods, TDMs, DAUs, and thyroid assays. Olympus bar-coded reagents are liquid, ready-to-use and are manufactured at Olympus Diagnostica, an ISO 9001-registered facility.

Operation of the AU2700 is simplified using its flexible Microsoft Windows NT® software. Operator training and system maintenance are made easy with an on-line operator's manual, context-sensitive HELP functions and computer-displayed video clips. Modem-linked Technical Support provides the laboratory with a virtual on-site engineer around the clock. CLIA, NCCLS, CAP compliance is supported by software documentation QC features.

Olympus meets the needs of any size laboratory or health care delivery network with its broad line of chemistry-immuno analyzers. Compatible standardization between the AU400, AU640 and AU2700 systems include similar user-interfaces, standardized results and reference ranges. The analyzers use the same reagents and consumables resulting in higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater costs savings for the laboratory.

The Diagnostic Systems Group utilizes Olympus America Inc. expertise and financial support to offer customers a variety of acquisition plans. One such program is a unique cost management plan whereby Olympus guarantees a Cost Per Reportable rate based on the laboratory's monthly test volume. The Olympus package offers customers a full line of financial services, information technology, and laboratory automation solutions to optimize their operations. The Diagnostic Systems Group, a business unit of Olympus America Inc., provides innovative solutions that meet the high productivity demands of today's hospitals, integrated health care delivery networks, blood banks, reference labs, and pharmaceutical labs. More than 1 billion-about one in four-clinical chemistry tests are performed on Olympus analyzers in the U.S. annually.

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