Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group Announces Next Generation AU400 e-Class Analyzers

Melville, NY - Olympus Diagnostic Systems Group today announced its newest line of advanced chemistry-immuno systems, the AU400 e-Class analyzers. Designed to optimize workflow within low to medium volume test labs, the new AU400 e-Class systems feature versatile performance with a 122-test menu that includes chemistry, specific proteins, DAT, TDM, thyroid and esoteric tests.

The new systems provide the versatility found within the current Olympus AU400 lineup including true random access testing, pediatric sampling and immediate STAT interrupt, 80 sample loading capacity and continuous sample rack feed with throughput of up to 400 tests per hour (800 with electrolytes). However, the e-Class systems utilize enhanced hardware and Windows NT™ software that enables labs to reduce operator training time with customized menus, icons and color-keyed graphics.

The new Olympus AU400e incorporates the same standardization common among all other AU Series chemistry-immuno analyzers…standardization that's definable through the use of the same reagents, calibrators, controls, consumables and parts; the same results and reference ranges; and the same 122-test menu.


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