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Olympus AU Series Offers Benefits of Standardization Program

Chicago (AACC Annual Meeting) - The Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. today unveiled a new operating model that uses standardization to increase productivity and decrease operating costs for hospitals, core and commercial laboratories. The Olympus Standardization design is integrated throughout the product line of Olympus AU chemistry-immuno analyzers, the AU400TM, AU640TM, AU2700TM and AU5400TM systems.

This standardization covers chemistry-immuno testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour, and provides laboratorians the same reliable results and reference ranges, whether they use the AU400, AU640, AU2700, or AU5400 as a primary analyzer, or as a dedicated specialty unit. Ideal for single or multiple locations, Olympus' standardization enables greater productivity, increased efficiency while offering the throughput to meet a wide range of lab requirements.

By definition, standardization between the AU400, AU640, AU2700 and AU5400 systems encompasses similar user-interfaces; standardized results and reference ranges; the same calibrators and controls; the same reagents, consumables and parts. Olympus standardization also reduces total training time and expedites cross training. It promotes across-the-board ease of operation and cost saving inventory management.

Olympus packages a variety of solutions for financial services, information technology and lab automation. As part of its acquisition plan solutions, Olympus offers unique cost management programs based on a laboratory's monthly test volume to help customers optimize their operations.

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