New Stable-Liquid Calcium Reagent from Olympus

August 1, 1999

Olympus America, Inc. has developed a new Calcium reagent for use on the Olympus AU400,™ AU600,™ AU640,™ and AU1000™ chemistry immuno systems. The new Calcium reagent uses an Arsenazo III formulation for enhanced performance and ease of use.


The new Olympus Calcium reagent features extended 30-day, on-board and calibration stability. This liquid, ready-to-use reagent requires no preparation and comes in 500 and 1000 test cartridges to match the test volume requirements of any size laboratory. The reagent cartridges are also barcoded for automatic system identification and tracking of on-board test inventory, calibration and expiration. Excellent turnaround time is achieved with STAT Calcium results taking less than five minutes.


The Olympus chemistry immuno systems feature a broad test menu of 118 methods and applications standardized across the product line. Compatible standardization between the AU400, AU600, AU640 and AU1000 systems include similar user-interfaces, standardized results and reference ranges, the same reagents, consumables and parts for the lowest cost per reportable in the health care market today.

Olympus AU400, AU600, AU640 and AU1000 customers were provided a trial kit to evaluate and implement the new Calcium reagent at no cost to their laboratory. All Olympus customers are assured of quality reagent products manufactured in Olympus ISO 9001 Certified facilities.

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